Video// DIY Flower Crown

Today I will be sharing with you guys my first DIY video!~
I will be sharing with you how I personally make fresh flower crowns.
I thought this would be a fun tutorial to share since I love to make and wear these.
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✧S U P P L I E S/☾☆
Roses & Carnations: mine are from Safeway
Wire Cutting Scissors: From a hardware or craft store
Floral Wire (or pipe cleaners): Craft Store
Measuring Tape: Craftstore

✧C H A P T E R S/☾☆
02:09 -Creating the Frame-
04:38 -Filling in the Crown-
06:26 -Testing the fit-
06:37 -Resizing the Halo-
07:56 -Adding the Roses-
09:50 -Testing the fit- pt.2
10:01 -Filling the Crown-
11:23 -End Result-

Carnation Flower Crown

Carnation Flower Crown

Hey guys! todays DIY is an original by me.  It is just a simple flower crown I made out of Fresh Carnations!
Follow the steps below to see how I make it <3

Photo Mar 01, 6 56 04 PM

-Bouquet of Carnations (mine from Safeway)
-Florists Wire (mine from Craft Store)
=optional= -Rhinestones (from Craft Store)
– Scissors that can cut through the wire

STEP 1: Grab 2 long flower & stem and tie it tight together with the wire.
Pay attention to where the flowers fall, make sure the spacing is close enough without over lapping too much,
but far not enough to not create any gaps.
You can cut the wire piece 2-4 inches long. Wrap it around to secure your flowers

SAM_1651 SAM_1652

STEP 2: About an inch away from where the last flower ends, grab a new flower and continue the chain.
Secure it together with your first piece by wrapping them together with more wire.

STEP 3: Continue to add more flowers and stems to the length.
Once in awhile hold your crown up to your head to see how much more length you need.
(If it gets too long cut off the extra stem.)

STEP 4: finish the crown and secure the halo shape with your wire,
by connecting the end with the beginning flower area.

Cut some shorter flower stems and put them off to the side. You will need them for the next step.

STEP 5: Use the smaller flower stems to fill in the gaps in your crown.
Use the wire to wrap the flower stems into your crown.


(Optional) STEP 6: Add stick on rhinestones to your crown for some extra sparkle


I hope you guys enjoyed my DIY fresh flower crown tutorial <3

Photo Mar 01, 6 57 20 PM

Crystal Cluster Cuff (via


Crystal Cluster Cuff | DIY By

view original tutorial here

The natural crystals and their rough beauty are the source of inspiration for the winter collection of Chanel . Karl Lagerfeld it reworks the geometric shapes and metallic glow, creating accessories that help to strengthen the emotional charge of the parade. Stand on all jewelry in size extra large, with a look of semi-finished forged in the same metal reinforcements where they are trapped colored crystals.

Interpretation of the underground jewel, from delicate and precious in its most traditional becomes erratic and opaque, but very real and appealing. With the help of a raw material a little ‘unusual, we realize a bracelet worthy of a science fiction movie.

The Inspiration: Chanel – Watch the parade TO 2012-13

a bracelet,
chrome spray paint,
modeling paste,
natural crystals or irregular beads,
beads and stones drops


STEP 1: Glue the bead drops and stone crystals to simulate a natural crystal

STEP 2: Press on the bracelet with a ball of modeling clay.  Round out + flatten the edges.

STEP 3: Press stones and beads on modeling clay, leaving a dent where you will replace them later.

STEP 4: Let the modeling clay air dry. Then glue the outer stones on the cuff into the dents placement.
NOTE: **Only place the stones that you want spray painted silver in the next step, not the clear pretty gems.

STEP 5: Spray the bracelet and desired stones with silver spray paint.

STEP 6: Once that is completed and dry, add by gluing colored crystals in the rest of the blank areas.



Photography, Instructions, and full credit for this post goes to!

Dreamy Smudge Stick (via Chalk Board Mag)

Smudge Stick | DIY By The Chalk Board Mag



white sage
roses or any other herb or flower that dries well.
cotton culinary twine

Bundle together your herbs and flowers in a pleasing way. Wrap tightly with cotton twine and wait til dry.

Or if you’re working with dried ingredients already, disassemble an existing sage smudge stick (look for a high-quality one with large leaves still in tact, not one that looks crumbly already). The leaves will already have a shape to them so let their direction inform how you’re adding new bits and how you ultimately tie it all together. You can let the sage be the outside “wrapper,” since the leaves are the broadest of the bunch. Add springs of dried cedar, lavender, roses, rosemary or anything else you have on hand (maybe even some palo santo wood?) to the center of the bundle. Then carefully close the bundle together in your hand and wrap with cotton twine.

The leaves must be completely 100% dry to burn so it’s best to wait until you’re sure. Light one end and enjoy!


Photography, Instructions, and full credit for this post goes to The Chalk Board Mag!

Colorful Feather Pens (via Mystics + Mint)

Colorful Feather Pens | DIY By Mystics + Mint


feathers (I bought mine at Michaels)
pen inserts
rit dye – pick 3 colors that you love
mason jars or bowls to place the dye in

Fill mason jars halfway with hot water and add your rit dye

Place wet feathers into the jars, let stand for about 5 minutes. The longer the feathers sit, the more saturated the color will be!

After you reach your desired color, flip the feathers over and soak the other half in a different color dye

Remove the ink cartridge from a pen using needle nosed pliers, if you have em!

Cut the pen to the length of the white stem of the feather

Insert the pen into the feather and there you have it! Gorgeous hand dyed feather pens!

Photography, Instructions, and full credit for this post goes to!