In a land far away..

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In a land far away..: ◈⋙Location: Big Sur, California In a land far away.. I found peace & I found beauty that took my breath away. It was the magic of the earth. That feeling of being surrounded in … Read More

Hobbiton Adventure!

| | Hobbiton Adventure I am so excited to share that I recently made another check off my bucket list! I got to visit Hobbiton in New Zealand! I’ve seen so many photos of this place around the web and knew … Read More

West Coast Road Trip | May 2018

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Here is my full west coast road trip video! In these clips I share with you guys my recent road trip up and down the west coast. We started in Washington and ended in LasVegas, turned around and made our … Read More

Big Sur, California May 26th 2018

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On May 26th 2018 We went through Big Sur, California. We went with the intention to photograph the beautiful nature & some Shop Stardust Bohemian looks. It was such a fun & beautiful experience. See full footage from the day … Read More

Tokyo, Japan 2018 Vlogs

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  I’ve been really busy with life and traveling recently. Here is one of my most recent travels to Tokyo Japan. This is my second time flying out to Tokyo Japan, but my first time vlogging it. Sorry this isn’t … Read More

VLOG// Pampanga, Philippines 2018

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Taking a trip to the Philippines and experiencing where my family is from has been on my bucket list for awhile. As amazing as traveling to different destinations around the world can be- connecting to your heritage is a deeply … Read More

VLOG// A week in Kauai 2017

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Hey guys! I wanted to share with you my recent trip I took to Kauai. Kauai is also called “the garden isle” because of how lush, beautiful, and natural the island is. There is a rule that buildings cannot be … Read More

VLOG// Sunflower fields Oahu Hawaii 2017

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◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii – DuPont Pioneer Farms 💫   I recently visited the DuPont Pioneer Farms located on Oahu. Right after I came home from my Kauai Trip I visited them before the season was over. Miles and Miles of Sunflowers … Read More

VLOG// Aulani + Halloween at Disneyland

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Hello Everyone! I’ve been traveling tons recently! I haven’t had too much time to document fashion, so I have been focusing on making videos of my travels. Here is the vlog I made when I was traveling thru Aulani on … Read More

VLOG// Spring in Washington

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It’s finally spring time here in Washington! In this video/vlog I take you guys with me through the tulip fields in Northern Washington. I hope you enjoy xx view my youtube channel here How are the flowers where you live? … Read More

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