in the sun

| | In the Sun ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii I am finally getting back into the groove of blogging for the new year. The sun has been kind enough to come out to play & so shall I. In this look … Read More

Finding our way around

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finding our way around: ◈⋙Location: Washington. Exploring the land today through the forest we go, weaving in and out of trees seeing out how far this land stretches. We make our way to a small cliff with a beautiful lookout … Read More

Shimmering Girl

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Glittering Girl: ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii. Aiea. Todays wanderlust location is Aiea Loop Trail.  Zachary, Luna and I packed into our van and drove to this area to explore.  Aiea is generally right next to Pearl City (where we live … Read More

Fly on, little wing

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Fly on, little wing: ◈⋙Location: Oahu, Hawaii. You guys may have noticed I have been on and off from the blogging realm. I am still visiting my hometown in Oahu and hiding from the rest of the Winter back … Read More

♫KAABOO Del Mar 2015

| | KAABOO Day 1 Outfit KAABOO Day 2 Outfit KAABOO Day 3 Outfit September 18,19,20 2015 KAABOO @ DEL MAR Music Festival ◈⋙Location: SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA This festival/concert was one of the main reasons for the Road Trip Zachary, Luna … Read More

Wildflower in the grass

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Wildflower: “Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.” Todays featured item is this Dress from Style Moi. This is a 2 piece item: … Read More

By the Sea

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By the Sea: The cold wind rushes me, and draws me to the shore. calming vibrations washes over me. howling winds drown my worries. Its a wonderful feeling, to be by the sea. Todays blog post is an amazing … Read More

Coachella 2015: Day 2

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Coachella 2015: Day 2: Hello Lovers!  This was some of my photos from my Coachella day 2 experience.  Today was hotter than day 1.  In temperature and outfits.  I think most of the girls planned to look their best … Read More