Sera Stardust is jewelry collection by designer Sera Brand.

I am inspired by all things magical, celestial, and ethereal  --with this inspiration I channeled it into jewelry making and created pieces that I love to wear and that I hope you will all love to wear as well.  I want you to feel like "I plucked the stars from the sky to adorn you with them".  Sera Stardust is a very special creative outlet for me.  I am so excited to share these pieces with you all.

The jewelry is made by an artisan team that we work with from China.  They set fair prices for their products and have clean & ethical working conditions.  I have developed a close relationship with this team where there is trust and understanding.  The jewelry then gets sent from the manufacturers from overseas directly to our business in the United States (Washington) where we then double check the quality, and then from there ship out our products personally.

This costume jewelry can be worn with your daily outfits or for special magical occasions like photo shoots, festivals, and parties.  Bring these designs with you to add a bit more magic in your life. 

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